The Symphony Team

Behind Symphony are several companies and R&D groups  who cooperate.

Teamwork Technology bv is a Dutch company. The company has a broad experience in setting up new ventures based on key technology. It invests in the first stage of the setup and supports the new companies once they have their own legal entity.  Teamwork Technology is used to cooperate with government and industry and works as a technology developer. Other companies that haven been developed in the past by Teamwork Technology are WES  (wind turbine company), Darwind (multi MW wind turbines) Tocardo (Tidal Turbines) and several other projects and companies. It works together with the three major Technical Universities in the Netherlands, and she is partner in IDEA, an incubator together with ECN and Inholland, a local university for applied science.

Protoplan bv is a small Dutch company setup by the inventor and entrepreneur Fred Gardner (Electrical Engineer). He is also founder of Teamwork and the Symphony technology and is the original inventor of the Archimedes Waveswing.

in2sea Lda. is a new company in Portugal that combines the experience of the Portuguese team in this project. Among them is Miguel Goden de Sousa Prado a highly experienced electrical system engineer and Frank Neumann (Civil Engineer), former Associate Director and co-founder of WavEC Offshore Renewables in Portugal. Frank is experienced on reviewing many wave ocean technologies around the world.

The Team is partnering with SinesTecnoplo, a regional business incubator majoritarily owned by Sines municpality. Focus on developing business and education in the Sines area.

Within the EC-funded project WETFEET (Horizon2020), Symphony is at present partnering


Also the wave energy centre  is involved in the development in Portugal.

Through the WETFEET project, but also in the technology development itself is involved.

Trelleborg they provide the know how and the technology for the develop of the rubber membrane. They will build and supply the menbrane for the first unit.

IST the technical university of LIsabon.



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