From R&D into a Business


A wrap-up of all benefits which are developed in the past 2 years are mentioned here.

The Unique Selling Points of the SYMPHONY, which are mainly technical, result in the following economic / business USP’s:

  • The Full-load factor is 35% instead of 25% wind and 14% Solar;
  • Scalable / Manageable sizes
    1. Production wise;
    2. Implementation wise;
    3. Maintenance wise;
  • “Patented” optimised linear spring.
  • “Patented” turbine system, a simplified, high efficient, two direction turbine;
  • Energy density per square kilometre in the ocean is 2 times the density of offshore wind;
  • An easy submersible system
    1. No Horizon pollution
    2. Easy maintenance
    3. A good survival mode for storm conditions
  • Environmental friendly
  • Multiple markets in reach:
    1. Generate Energy (big fleets)
    2. Potential Re-use of offshore constructions (Gas and chemical manufacturing)
    3. Niche markets: Fishfarming, local measuring equipment, etc. (Starting markets)
  • Wave Energy completes sustainable energy supply on top of Solar and Wind due to the phase difference in time.

Business development.

2015 – 2017   Symphony will design, build and test critical  components.

2018 – 2020  Testing of full system in moderate near shore  conditions

2020 – 2025  Build and operate 1.1MW array offshore Portugal

Company partnering structure

Symphony is an R&D company that feels responsibility to secure and prove the system and to  de-risk the technology before upscaling. This is done at a moderate scale (1.5m diameter) with real components and gives the opportunity, not only to test the technology, but operations as well. All is part of the scalability plan.


Symphony invites partners to work together on this task. These partners are found amongst research institutes and larger enterprises that have a wide scope on the development of offshore renewables. They can participate in the know-how and the testing.


Major funding is found in subsidies that apply to this phase of development and the development of renewables. This includes EU and national funding. A moderate co-finance is needed. Partners have to participate these programs.


The IP is owned by symphony bv io. This IP is made available for project development and the setup of production facilities around the world. For this partnerships are established.

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