Symphony supplies large quantities of “green hydrogen”

Wave energy has the potential to become an equal or larger player than windenergy and solar energy. As the energy transition is speeding up. Not only zoom-in-render-e1561804114824.pngpricing, but also the availability of space and location is becoming more of an issue. Also energy storage becomes more and more crucial. Symphony has therefor developed a special wave converter that produces hydrogen at off grid locations. The production of this green hydrogen will become crucial in the next years.

Together with offshore companies and specialist in the hydrogen technology this concept has been developed.

At first this will be applied in the North-sea.

By enlarging the diameter up to 200%, but limiting the highest operational wave to ca. Hs 3m.  Symphony still has a 90% availability while limiting the cost.

omgeving render 4.0The company has developed scenario’s in which all of the needed hydrogen for fuelling the energy transition could be provided by symphony units from wave power. These systems could be placed between the windturbines, and at remote area’s, as no grid connection is needed. Because of this and the sophisticated fast connection single point mooring system. This, provides  the possibility for a “fast roll out”. 

Wave energy, the next wave in the energy transition

Symphony is one of the devices being developed to capture the huge resource of the oceans.  Like in the 90’s of the last century, nobody expected the wind industry to  move forward, the way it did. Wind-on-land is already three times as much as the graph below shows. Wind at sea is going towards floating platforms and will be of huge proportions.

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 22.30.05

The resource is available for marine energy and especially for wave energy. Like in the wind, the development of this industry, has to come from the cooperation between government and industry.  With the transition to renewables, especially on domestic heating, by heat-pumps in stead of gas, and mobility , by electricity and hydrogen.

For the  offshore industry this is a great opportunity. We sea already complete harbours being transformed to serve the wind-industry. Adding wave energy to this the harbours will be crowded.

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 15.04.07

Symphony is developing a strategic plan with government and industry to make this happen. Symphony is partnering with industry and first project are ongoing.


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