Developing a marine energy industry

Symphony is one of many devices being developed to capture the huge resource of the oceans.  Like in the 90’s of the last century, nobody expected the wind industry to  move forward, the way it did. Wind-on-land is already three times as much as the graph below shows. Wind at sea is going towards floating platforms and will be of huge proportions.

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 22.30.05

The resource is available for marine energy and especially for wave energy. Like in the wind, the development of this industry, has to come from the cooperation between government and industry. The first systems will be too expensive. But as they will go through the learning curve they have the potential to become cheaper than wind and fossil fuels. For a vision of the industry, for example for producing Symphony device, an industry producing 6 devices a day  for a target of ca. 12 GW in 2027. This will only be a few procent of the market to be covered in the next centuary.  With the transition to renewables, especially on domestic heating, by heat-pumps in stead of gas, and mobility , by electricity and hydrogen, based these products, the energy grid has to increase to 300%. This is no fiction. This is a reality we must face to come to an energy transition.

For the declining offshore industry this is a great opportunity. We sea already complete harbours being transformed to serve the wind-industry. Adding wave energy to this the harbours will be crowded.

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 15.04.07

Symphony is developing a strategic plan with government and industry to make this happen. For this they made a project plan that follows the planning below. She is partnering with industry to make this happen in the next decade.


We are in a hurry, but this does not mean, we should not be patient and take the right steps. Our policy is to de-risk. First at component level second in TRL 7 on a small scale prototype, to be tested before scaling up in size and numbers. All plans are ready to be performed.