Renewable energy.

solar + moon

energy growth

In the last 100 years we did not only get addicted to energy, we also explored  most of our earth for fossil fuel resources. With the speed we consume our resources, we will consume in less time, 50- 100 years, all resources we explored.
consuming oilApart from the usage we polluted the earth and increase a greenhouse effect. Causing effects on the climate we can not oversee yet.

But…. we also created knowledge and new technologies. There are a huge amount of solutions to power our industries and our homes from renewables,  and even build new Hydro-carbonates from CO2 and hydrogen without using biology so that we can even build new materials.  The technologies are available and although many are still under development there is no reason to panic.

There is however a need for common sense and policy to transfer from a fossil resource to renewable resources.

COPWith the climate conference COP21 in paris 200 countries agreed to work on new targets. To realize these targets much more effort and development is needed.

Lets hope this speeds up our development and creates  a sustainable future.


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