Symphony Wave Power

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“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

Symphony is a novel technology based on more then 20 years of experience in wave and tidal business. The technology is a product of co-makership between science and industry headed by Teamwork Technology BV in the Netherlands. It represents the knowhow of a network of expertise over Europe and beyond.  Developed with support of the European Commission and with the expertise of the offshore industry. 

The Symphony Wave energy Converter (WEC) technology is robust enough to survive the worse case conditions and dedicated enough to covert wave energy into electricity in an highly efficient way. For the offshore industry it is believed to be a great opportunity with a  potential market equal or bigger than offshore wind.


The artist impression shows the possibility to share the grid infrastructure in coastal area’s between off shore wind turbines and Symphony Wave Power, to make better use of restricted area’s for fishery and other shipping.

The power density of waves is much higher than in wind,  waves can go up to 70kW average per meter coastline.  In deeper water water (+30 meters) a nice combination is possible to share the infrastructure as shown in the picture. In even deeper area’s floating windturbines can work together with underwater arrays of Symphony Wave Power devices.